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We are not just normal websites but we host multiples USERS and FEATURES. We facilitated interaction, communication, online learning, online consultants…Our platforms provide a beautiful and smoothy experience for all users. The platforms have changed significantly since it started with the hard-working of all our developers. We’d like to make sure all functions are neatly designed and coherence.

Platforms can do

Social networks

User can add friend and text each other.


Interacting with highly engaged people.


Finding your experts in the field with ease

You own it

Your data, your freedom


At the moment, we have 9 platforms, ranging from business to technology, from environment to health, from art to design and much more…

Startup Big Cloud

Community of Entrepreneurs
Tel: +358 44 9 63 62 69
Fb: /startupbigcloud/

Helmi Hub

Health & Wellness Network 
Tel: +358 44 910 2891 
Fb: /helmihub/

Kaisa Hub

Innovation & Tech Network
Tel: +358 44 910 4313
Fb: /kaisahub/

Kaiju Hub

Community of Art & Music
Tel: +358 44 961 1831
Fb: /kaijuhub/

Milja Hub

Housing & Real Estate Network
Tel: +358 44 9 63 62 69
Fb: /miljahub/

Elias Hub

Architecture & Construction
Tel: +358 44 910 4313
Fb: /weareelias/

Noora Hub

Green Environment Community
Tel: +358 44 910 2891
Fb: /wearenoora/

Kaarle Hub

International Law Network
Tel: +358 41 746 6048
Fb: /kaarlehub/

Janis Hub

Humanity & Gender Network
Tel: +358 44 961 1831
Fb: /wearejanis/

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