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Chez Jens is a software company offering quality information technology services. We can assist businesses and individuals with the process of creating mobile apps, online platforms, chatbots, and specialty technology products.

As well as assisting on the development side, we also work as an education agency through Jens Guru. We work with a variety of student programs and provide support through educational resources and development tasks. These people come to us interested in developing ideas for the future, and we facilitate this development in fields like augmented reality, educational websites, travel and booking, ridesharing, gig economy sites, and cryptocurrency.

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Our mobile apps team is capable of producing applications that can suit any platform. Whether you would like to run on a Windows-based PC, apple tablet, or android phone, we can create a wealth of applications that could speed up your business efficiency or offer more to your customers. Our applications are custom developed for each client, and we have the developers in place that can help you customize the app to your needs.

Chat Bot
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AI technology

Our chatbot technology can assist your company in offering optimal customer service experiences to your users. Having a custom chatbot available on your website can improve your reach and make sure that you can always be available to your customers. We can introduce custom chatbot scripts that will suit your business’s needs and answer common customer questions with a “human” approach.

Web &

Load fast & light weight

We offer complete website design for businesses across any industry. With custom touches for your branding, improvements for your services, and functional touches to streamline your business operations, we can make sure that you can access the best in support for your business operations now.


If you are interested in accessing IT professionals’ assistance for your next project or you would like access to educational resources that you could use for your future development tasks, contact us today ✉ [email protected] 💚

Chez Jens is a team that assists with technological development from accessible booking sites to apps of the future. Whatever solutions you may need are an entrepreneur or a company, we are a team that can get the job done, and with flawless results シ


We guarantee all our products & services for 24 months; even you get three free fixing sections while servicing is done.


We make all our themes up for NO code users, setting up a website is merely minutes.


Our designers deploy a Nordic style of simplicity & peace, putting all sections seamlessly.


Using the latest program languages and techies have lifted our products, reaching the highest standards.

Startups & Finance

Creating your dreams without hurting your pocket 🌟

We have been in the same positions you may have now implemented MVP products, and startups were the most challenging because of high-cost volume. Without a fat pocket, you nearly cannot do anything…but here the GOOD news is How We Can Help?

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If you are interested in working with Chez Jens developers for any website or application development task, contact our team today to learn more about the process.



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